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Residence Management

X2 Residences will be managed and operated by the X2 Resorts group. Running such high end boutique properties needs experience and in-depth knowledge of the challenges running such a high end resorts. X2 Resorts have just that expertise and knowledge having operated boutique design hotels and resorts throughout Asia Pacific for almost 10 years.

The villas, gym, library and all common areas will be tended to with the same luxury standards, insuring that all aspects of cleaning, service and maintenance are always to 5-Star Hotel levels.

Rentals Program

The rental program has been created for all those who wish to own their villa residence as a form of a lifestyle investment property and derive a regular income from the property.

Unlike most other villa developers, we are able to reliably provide income forecasts for owners as the company has many years of experience in operating X2 Resorts throughout Asia Pacific.

Projections show that X2 owners should expect to achieve a minimum income of 6% net per annum in the early years, rising to 8-10% in later years. This figure is a true net figure, after all costs and expenses have been deducted. All that remains to be paid from this income is a small proportion of  taxes if and where applicable.


X2 Residences are being developed by the Astudo Hotel & Resort Group, a regional Asian Pacific hotel management, development and consulting firm based out of Thailand, South East Asia. The Astudo Group is owned and managed by Anthony McDonald, the visionary behind X2, who has a distinguished track record in resort development. Within a relatively short period of time his companies have become a market leader in all things boutique, winning many awards in their 10 years since opening.

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