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Your Boutique Resort in Thailand

X2 (pronounced Cross To) is a privately owned chain of 5 Star design resorts and hotels. Since their introduction to the market they have become among the most famous of the boutique resort in Thailand and across South East Asia, winning numerous awards and accolades.

X2 Resorts are a combination of private seaside and garden villas offering its guests an exceptional vacation experience in spectacular natural settings. The company is the passion of Anthony McDonald who this day continues successfully to build the chain of design resorts. A successful serial entrepreneur, who after years of experience in property investment and services industries embarked on an innovative and fascinating strategy in forming X2 Resorts. Together with Asian based hotel and design professionals he is building a chain of design hotels and resorts in Asia, starting with resorts in Kui Buri (South of Hua Hin) and Koh Samui.


All X2 Resorts are designed and built with a primary goal that they must “satisfy the spirit”. This is partly achieved via architectural design, but more importantly through natural beauty of the location and the meshing of the structures with the canvas provided by nature.

To achieve this goal, the design of resorts are underpinned by several important X2 characteristics:

  • Simplicity in style
  • Invisibility of design
  • Privacy without isolation
  • Natural articulation of structures
  • Homogeneous execution with the environment


X2 resorts have a very unique and unequivocal persona that is embraced by all elements of the resort. Whether it be design, service, location…

X2 Resorts will always exhibit

  • Soulful.. tranquility; that provides sensual pleasures and thoughtfulness.
  • Freedom.. of space, process and rules; allowing guests to set their own agenda.
  • Simplicity.. in form and service; completely understated and unfussed.

X2 Resorts are determined to not only steer away from the traditional design concept of tropical properties but redefine luxury in completely new terms, and cross to (X2) a new dimension of luxury…


Resorts by X2 appeal to people who appreciate style in a genuine, pure sense.

Almost an anti-brand; X2 does what large hotel chains cannot do, and a lot of that comes back to being human and unpretentious.

Whether it is design or service, X2 executes new ideas, not for the sake of it, but to deliver a unique sensual experience that is becoming so increasingly difficult to find. An experience that feeds the soul and rewards the senses in a down to earth way.

X2 guests are not pretenders, nor out to impress. They are drawn to X2 because it is real, unique, stylish and relaxed… just like them.

  • X2 Chiang Mai Riverside
    X2 Kui Buri
    X2 Koh Samui – All Spa Inclusive
    X2 River Kwai

  • X2 Khao Lak Anda Mani