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All Spa Inclusive Service

Untouched in Thailand is the concept of an All Spa Included Resort, allowing its guests unlimited spa treatments throughout their stay, no limit to maximum treatments. Additionally, there is a wide range of activities such as Yoga, Pilates, or beach runs offered every day.

X2 Koh Samui – All Spa Inclusive Resort allows guests unlimited freedom. The objective is to operate a five-star hotel that provides spa and aesthetic services in a state-of-the-art, chic, relaxed, and professional environment.

The spacious X2 Spa area offers the art of traditional Thai massage in a highly luxurious yet contemporary vision of Thai spa culture. The collection of treatments is a result of many years of experience and passion for the spa industry. The products used are of highest quality and are characterized by their natural ingredients and skin-friendliness.

The well-being will be accomplished by Cross To Cuisine at the 4K Restaurant, the menu of which is focused on meals and dishes that are seasonally appropriate, colorful, well-balanced and nutritious, unique and creative, and made with quality and natural ingredients. The spa menu will cover the entire day, breakfast through dinner, meaning guests will start and end each day refreshed and satisfied.

X2 Spa Treatment Menu and activity plan can be downloaded here.

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