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Sydney Fireworks

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This week Sydney’s 100 year Naval Anniversary have graced the pages of newspapers around the world with their spectacular firework display. The event was said to be the largest shows since the spectacular Sydney Olympics in 2000. Featuring over 40 warships, 16 tall ships and 8,000 sailors from over 17 countries, the celebrations used 7.7 tonnes of fireworks to light up the harbour skyline.

For many people around the world Sydney and fireworks have a special connection. Every year, as Europe is sitting down to enjoy its lunch, Sydney’s firework display flashes across the TV screens as the first major city on the planet to welcome in the New Year. It’s not just the first city to celebrate, it’s often referred to as the best city in the world to celebrate New Year in. That’s not to mention the spectacular display Sydney holds for Australia Day on the 22nd January.Fireworks_Lighting re

Sydney Harbour, one of Australia’s most recognisable locations, becomes ablaze with lights. With lightshows played across the Opera House and fireworks being launched from boats, skyscrapers and the iconic Harbour Bridge.

Last week’s Navel Celebrations drew huge crowds, 1.4 million spectators lined the banks of Sydney harbour with some even camping overnight in the park below the X2 Apartment, just to get the best spot to witness the action unfold. From the apartment’s living room balcony one can gaze out across one of the best views Sydney has to offer. Watching from here you are so close you can actually feel the fireworks exploding.

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The X2 apartment is located in Kirribilli, the best location in Sydney to watch the fireworks from and with views such as the pictures above one can’t argue. The X2 apartment is an ultra-luxurious 4 bedroom, 2 living rooms, 320 sqm of holiday apartment, with all the essentials luxuries including a swimming pool, jacuzzi bathtub and home cinema. Find out more at

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