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What Makes X2 Samui Unique?

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Here we have highlighted four aspects of X2 Samui which we believe make the resort truly unique. So without further ado let’s get into it!

Luxury Through Design

X2 has a very unique and unequivocal persona that is embraced by all elements. Whether it be design, service, location. All X2 properties are designed and built with a primary goal that they must “satisfy the spirit”. This is partly achieved via architectural design, but more importantly through natural beauty of the location and the meshing of the structures with the canvas provided by nature and the surrounding. X2 is not determined to not only steer away from the traditional design concept of tropical properties but redefine luxury in completely new terms, and cross to (X2) a new dimension of luxury by design.

“Whatever Time” Concept

CHECK-IN…CHECK-OUT TIME: At X2 Resorts we have invented the “Whatever Time”.  Providing we have a room available, guests can check-in or out “whatever time” suits them. Just prior to your visit, you may contact the reservations and let them know when you would like to arrive and depart, and this request will in most cases be accommodated without additional charge.

Why do we have such a unique concept? Simply because we are so proud of our resort and we enjoy sharing it with all our guests for as long as they have time to be here with us.


Absolute Privacy

The general area is underdeveloped and peaceful with the only a few high-end residential villa projects sharing the beach. Most of the villas have private pools and outdoor areas which provides guests the absolute privacy and pure indulgence.

The Invisible Do Not Disturb Sign

At X2 Resorts we have invented the invisible “Do Not Disturb Sign”. In most hotels the staff assume they can disturb you unless you put out the “Do not Disturb Sign”. At X2 our default is the opposite.  We assume you don’t want to be disturbed unless you tell us otherwise. Consequently whenever the invisible Do Not Disturb sign is on the door we will not disturb guests.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think makes X2 Samui Unique.

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Samui Royal Villa

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